Saturday, 24 December 2011

Build your confidence

Confidence is needed in every field that you want to pursue. You can’t not be having confidence in yourself and fighting out the world. This is something just not possible. The single greatest source of mental energy is positive interaction with others. To achieve success at every level- be it school, college, interview, workplace, you have to have confidence in yourself.
How do you plan to build your confidence? Summed up below are just some of the best means of doing the same.

You must schedule your social life. Your social skills would need time to develop. They say practice makes a man perfect, even for the socially secure. By surrounding yourself with others you create a rich supply of opportunities to observe interactions and to improve upon your own social behaviour.

Thinking positive is also very important. Insecure people approach others anxiously, feeling they have to prove that they're interesting. Self-assured people expect others to respond positively despite the fact that one of the most difficult social tasks is to join an activity that is already in progress. Engage yourself in social reconnaissance. The socially competent are highly skilled at information gathering, always scanning the scene for important details to guide their actions. They are tuned in to people's expression of specific emotions and are sensitive to signals that convey such information making them prone to reacting to such things. 

Failure is never bad. Everyone will sometime or the other be rejected. The socially confident don't take rebuffs personally. They don't attribute rejection to internal causes, such as being unlikable or an inability to make friends. Self-assured people become resilient, using the feedback they get to shape another go at acceptance. Managing emotions is another formidable task that one must follow. Social situations are varied and complex at times. People react and non-react to things that matter to us in varied ways. You have to be adaptable and ease with such things. No one can do all that without a reasonable degree of control over their own emotional states, especially negative emotions such as anger, fear, anxiety, emotions that usually arise in situations of conflict or uncertainty.

Also learn to defuse disagreements. When many people are together conflicts are inevitable. What is important is to cope with such confrontations. Laughing helps always. Add humour where you think the conversation is going awry. Humour is liked by one and all. It is the most prized social skill. Just create humour from anywhere and you will become the centre of attention in a crowd.

Self Awareness

What is self awareness?  It is having a clear perception of your personality, including your strengths, weaknesses, thoughts, beliefs, motivation, and emotions. Self Awareness allows you to understand other people, how they perceive you, your attitude and your responses to them in the moment. It helps you judge the world and yourself through the same pair of eyes.

As you develop self awareness you are able to make changes in the thoughts and interpretations you make in your mind. Changing the interpretations in your mind allows you to change your emotions. Self awareness is one of the attributes of Emotional Intelligence and an important factor in achieving success. This is why you need self awareness in your life. It is the first step in creating what you want and mastering it. Where you focus your attention, your emotions, reactions, personality and behavior determine where you go in life. Thus, self awareness shows you direction in life.
Having self awareness allows you to see where your thoughts and emotions are taking you. It also allows you to see the controls of your emotions, behavior and personality so you can make changes you want. Until you are aware of the things that controls your thoughts, emotions, words, and behavior, you will have difficulty making changes in the direction of your life. Self awareness helps you get versed with these things.

Relationships are easy unless there is emotional turmoil. This is the same whether you are at work or in your personal life. When you can change the interpretation in your mind of what you think you can change your emotions and shift the emotional quality of your relationships. Having a clear understanding of your thought and behavior patterns helps you understand other people. This ability to empathize facilitates better personal and professional relationships. You must develop Self Awareness that is developed through practices in focusing your attention on the details of your personality and behavior.

Making changes in your behavior is much easier to do when you catch them early in the dynamic, before the momentum of thought and emotion has gathered steam. The changes in your mind and behavior become simple when you develop your own means of self awareness. It makes you versed with the public and the reality of life. You can never afford to go wrong if you are fully aware of yourself. 

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Power of Expressions

What are expressions? ‘Expression’ comes from the word ‘express’. To express is to give shape to the thoughts, emotions and feelings inside us. Most of us cry when we need to express sadness, grief or for that matter disappointment. When we are happy, we express it through our smile and laughter.

Expressions are an essential component of the life of every human being on this earth. All of us have the right to express. We have nothing but our expressions through which we have achieve a balance between our physical and mental being. Expressions are God’s gift to give life to our thoughts and feelings. However, all of us are not good at expressing ourselves. Some of us find it very difficult to express ourselves be it sadness or joy. This is mainly because we ourselves have created a barrier within us. We are always bogged down by what the world thinks of us. Due to this our actions are restrained. However, one must realize the fact each and every individual is unique. It is only when we are able to freely express ourselves that we will be able to enjoy our life.

Our mind is at peace when we express ourselves freely. We become better at our communication. Not expressing what one feels leads to increased frustration and this in turn results in decreased efficiency. Sometimes, we do not express ourselves especially anger because we feel we might hurt someone. However, what about hurting your soul within? You must not vent out your anger by harming someone however, if you are angry, you can let the other person know by open communication that you were angry because you did not like something. This helps to stay clear of any kind of misunderstandings. 

There are some people who find it difficult to express their love. You must always appreciate the fact that God has given us senses to express and feel. If you love someone you must let the other person know. Not only this helps in spreading love and happiness but also makes people feel special. Be it anger, frustration, or admiration, it is said that one must express oneself. Let the other person know what you think.

Sometimes, even silence is an expression. In fact it is the most sublime form of expression. More often than not what we can express through silence, we may not be able to express it through words. Silence helps us to rise above the limitations of the mind and heart.

The power of expressions is immense. Some express through their writing, some through singing, some even express without words! But to express is what is important to mankind. It is only through our expressions that we are able to exchange ideas, share thoughts, feel, learn, experience, and believe. Animals have limited form of expressions unlike humans and hence we must make use of our expressions to spread peace, love and harmony. Human beings are truly blessed to be able to express so easily and we must make good use of it! 

Meaning of Life

There are times when many of us sit back and ask ourselves the meaning and the purpose of our life. This philosophical question comes to our mind especially when we seek answers beyond the realm of our routine life. Though this question is answered by many religions across the globe, each and every individual has a unique meaning to their life. However, spiritually, religiously and philosophically the meaning of life is related to concepts of God, existence, karma, happiness, conduct, etc. A humanitarian answer to the purpose and the meaning of life is to live a good life by imbibing values like generosity, honesty, sincerity, morality etc.

It is natural to ask oneself the following questions: What is the meaning of life? What kind of a person I am? Where have I come from? Why have I been born? What is the origin of life? What is the purpose of my existence? What will happen after death? What is the significance of life? And many more such questions arise when we think about the true meaning of our life…

Most of us question the meaning and the purpose of our life especially when we are unhappy and depressed. There are many people who feel that there is no purpose to their life because they feel useless and unimportant. However they forget that this is just a phase of life. Every human being has a purpose to be born on this planet. The true meaning of life is to identify that purpose. No one can identify that purpose for you but it is that which makes you happy, it is that which contributes to development and progress, it is that that makes this world a better place to live in, it is that which spreads happiness, it is that purpose which truly makes you live and experience life in all possible ways.

On a more practical purpose, the meaning of life is some is to contribute something to the society, for others is to be creative, for some it may be to acquire wealth, to be powerful, and for some it may be to stay happily with friends and family. In general the meaning of life is to experience it, to feel all different emotions and to spread love and harmony. Each man and each woman creates their own essence of life which is not determined by anyone.

There are many theories that propose the meaning of life. Different philosophies highlight different aspects of the meaning and the purpose of life. One theory called Legalism suggests that it is futile to think about finding the purpose of life. To this set of believers, only practical knowledge was valuable, which is related to the function and performance especially that of the state. According to Hinduism, meaning of human life consists of love, desire, wealth, prosperity, righteousness, duty, morality, virtues, ethics, beliefs, truth and above all liberation from the cycle of birth and death. According to another theory, the true meaning of life may is to be able to use our body to achieve self-realization and bliss. 

Friday, 18 November 2011

Impact of Sports on Children

Sports have dominated the society in several ways. Children spend majority of their time while watching sports on TV or playing sports related video games which is developing dangers of obesity in them so playing sports is a good option for these kids to remain active and grow properly.  But there are some kids who are fond of playing sports and later on they want to involve themselves in organized sports. Sports have both positive and negative effects on children’s life.

Positive Effects:

Develops confidence

It has been found through research that children who participate in sports have more confidence and self esteem than other children who do not participate in sports. Sports will contribute a positive effect on their emotional and behavioral well being. Success and support from their family members and friends counts a lot in building their confidence. Once they developed confidence in their early ages, they will carry it lifelong. A child will start believing in efforts because efforts will leads to success and success will lead to confidence and confidence will lead to more success.

Develops team play

Sports also contribute a team work attitude in the kid. This will help the kid that reaching success is not in one’s hands, it is a combined effort of team and he will learn the habit of sharing his success with his team mates. They will also learn to work together towards a common goal. Sports will also teach them how to play fair and also tell them winning and losing comes hand in hand. When one team wins other teams loses it automatically and thus they can handle the win and lose with grace.

Encourage physical fitness

Today’s society has a lifestyle in which children are suffering from obesity, diabetes and many other serious health hazards. Sports are the best activity that can help children to get rid from serious health issues and keep them physically fit. Children getting aware of physical fitness in their young age will carry this habit to their adulthood and hence there will less obesity.

Develop personal goals

Different sports have different requirements, For instance if a child’s favorite sport is basket ball and he knew that tall people get selected for this sports but he has short height. In this case, he will set a personal goal to increase his height and get selected in the team. Therefore sports help him to set his goal and pay proper attention to achieve his goal.

Develop social skills

By playing sports kids will learn communicating skills and other social values.

Negative Effects:

Developing unrealistic goals

Sometimes children set unrealistic goals which are difficult to match because they are in their developing stages of physical and mental skills. This will result in loss of esteem and confidence in children. Parents have to guide their children to set realistic goals which can easily be achieved. 

Occurrence of injuries

Risk of injuries is very common in children playing sports. It is always recommended that children should be accompanied with proper guide or coach while doing practice or participating in any sport event to avoid serious injuries.

Inadequacy of nutrition:

Children who participate in sports need extra energy and nutrition. So parents should take proper care of their children by giving them the required amount of nutrition to recover from injuries.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Character Building Activities for Children

Character is built of different qualities and how we demonstrate those qualities in different circumstances. Character building is an important phase in any body’s life to gain success. A person may have money, power or position but unless he don’t have good character he will not considered as truly successful. It is very important to build in good character traits in young age. Although character development is a long process and it comes with experience but children can be involve in character building through activities and direct learning from adults.

1. Trustworthiness: This means you are reliable and dependable. Children must be taught about that everybody needs a person in their life with whom they can share their secrets, who can be trustworthy and will not reveal your secrets to anybody, who is loyal and honest.

2. Respect: Extending respect will result in gaining respect. This character can be developed by introducing any group sport to the children. Basketball need tall children but the team has one short heighted kid. You can find that if the children are not insulting the short heighted kid that means they respect him as a player. Respect can be witness if they agree with each other opinions, if they do not talk about their opposite team behind their backs, if winning team is sensitive towards losing team.

3. Responsibility: This is the quality which every parent want their children to adapt. You can ask the kid to write a good deed each time they perform and tape all their responsible performances together to form a long chain. Whenever they will see this chain they will be motivated to add some more good responsible acts. In this way they will become habitual to perform responsible acts and will gain responsibility in their character.

4. Fairness: Justice and fairness counts a lot in raising the child. Parents having two or more children should give fair love to each child. When children will see the fairness and justice practically they will get more inclined to adapt this characteristic.

5. Caring: Caring means being loving, charitable and kind. It is important that children should be taught how to take care of their family members, environment and community. Teach children that accepting help in need is also as important as offering help to the needful. Children can be asked to create greeting cards for people living in old age homes to show that they have love and care for these people who have been avoided by their own family members. Children should be send personally to old age homes to deliver these cards because when they will see the love , appreciation and affection  in these people’s  eyes they realize that taking care of somebody is such a feeling that they will cherish throughout their life.

6. Citizenship: Children should be taught the meaning of citizenship so that they can connect it with their lives. 

Teaching Children to be Responsible

Every parent wants that their children should acquire important habits which provide them respect from the society. Parents should take proper steps regarding making their children behave responsibly. It is always good to train your child in young age, rather than teaching him to change his bad habits when he is already habitual to his wrong doings.

There are various fun loving suggestions offered by parents to make their children responsible in their daily lives. It is important that child should acquire the habits and traits that will help him throughout his life. It has been promoted that children always try to copy their adults or parents so it is important for the parents to behave properly in a respectful manner. Fun activities will add pleasure in teaching children about respect.

  1. Teaching them the importance of manners: You should not assume that your children knew the basic mannerism. Instead you must always tell them to thanks people who have brought gifts for them. This training will inculcate thought process in them and they will appreciate other’s efforts, time and money that went in choosing and purchasing the gift.

  1. Teaching them the importance of respecting each other belongings: Usually children are possessive for their belongings and does not bother about other properties but it should be timely corrected. You can take two pencils of any two children and ask them to break or damage their own pencils. By doing this activity children will understand the feeling of losing their items and hence they will develop a feeling of respecting each other’s property.

  1. Teaching them the importance of extending respect: You can teach your children the gaining respect is as easy as extending respect. You should always tell your child to offer respect to every individual irrespective of his age, cast, religion and relation. This training will help him in developing respectful feelings for every individual. You should always encourage him by complimenting him each time he shows respect to any individual.

  1. Teaching him the consequences of choosing disrespectful act: Children can never differentiate between respectful and disrespectful act unless they have been told the difference. You can teach them the difference between respect and disrespect by giving him a task. For instance ask your child to complete the homework and suppose he has completed it in a wrong way then show him the consequences of his act. Ask the child to compare the consequences, he himself will judge the results and will learn how to get through with these consequences without being disrespectful to authority figures.

  1. Teaching them the concept of uniqueness: You should always encourage your child if he has some unique qualities. First of all make them clear about the word unique by drawing a unique person on the board. Teach them the importance of unique qualities and why a person with unique qualities gains respect.

Once children have learn the concept of gaining and giving respect they will become good individuals and will behave rationally no matter what unpleasant situations or bad influences they come across.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Death - Last Resort of Life

Death is known to be the last resort of life, then why we all are afraid of it?

Whosoever will take birth on this planet has to certainly sleep on the death bed some day or the other. Even then we fear taking risks in life, we fear challenges and we fear obstacles of life. All these are essential part of life that paves our way ahead but sadly there are some who refuse to stumble over them and move ahead. This is just because they are afraid of the consequence can be more difficult than death...right? Then, why fear the challenges of life...Just move on my friends...

There is much to see before you reach your last resort. So, don't just stand still and move with courage and determination to fulfill all your dreams and live life to the fullest. 

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Girl Child in India

Every girl child in India whispers from the depth of her mother's womb..."Let me live, give me one chance to live the beautiful life and enjoy the beauty of the world".

When every girl child is whispering the same quote since years then why are we ignoring their voice? Time has gone by, civilization and globalization are hot discussions in the country around but frankly speaking, are we all really civilized? Infact the level of civilization is often marked by the place and status of woman in the society.

Its a woman who gives us birth and its a woman who rocks the cradle and helps us move our first step in life. Then why woman are so badly treated in the society? I really don't understand the scenario and status of women in India when I see small girls cleaning houses, begging at the roadside, or working at some industrial or construction site. When I hear the cry of a family in response to the birth of a girl child I feel heart broken...why so much of indifference? Why are people blind to the role of woman in our life?

There are many questions that keep on waving in my mind but I never get the answers to these.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Childhood Days Have Gone Past

Childhood days have gone past leaving empty hands and empty hearts as well. As a child we had the purest of hearts filled with innocence. There was no hatred and prejudice...infact these were never the words in our dictionary. But then as we grow old why these words encircle our life in a way that it starts ruling our lives. The innocence, selfless love, blind trust are all lost in air when we step into adolescence. The undulating moments of youth echoes the deep voice of lost innocence and love but then why cant we hear it? Why cant we be the same? Don't you think that the world then was beautiful and more meaningful? But then what changed us?

Gone are the childhood days but then gone is the beauty of life too.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Dowry System in India

Dowry system in India is a huge social problem in India that has been a significant cause of great disturbance in our society. Historically, it started as a cultural belief of honoring the bride groom or offering a token of love and gratitude but the meaning and the concept have sadly changed over a period of time. The old belief has become a major cause of women harassment in India.

However, it is considered to be a bad practice and also has legal enforcements but then too it has become an unspoken requirement that has to be fulfilled by the bride’s parents. It’s distressing to know that the family of the bridegroom fails to understand that they are gifting their most precious possession. It’s not at all easy for parents to bind her daughter in marriage but bounded by the cultural beliefs they are forced to do so. They bring her up from tiny steps to a complete stage of womanhood imparting all virtues and qualities in her. Whatever she is and all that she beholds in terms of talents, virtues, qualities, and characteristic are all treasured gifts to the family of the bridegroom. Then too…the greed is there. Why the hidden gifts are always ignored?

A bride when steps into her new world accept a new family with open arms. She works day and night to serve them and fulfill all their expectations. She is an epitome of selfless love and care who beholds the power to beautify her home with an excellent aura. But the greed of monetary things is so bright that everything else becomes invisible and insignificant.

Sadly, the trend of dowry system in India that started long back is continuing and is sure to continue for years ahead. Because the greed is always on climbing up the wall and is never going to fall anywhere.

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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Life is a Roller Coaster

Life is a roller coaster with ups and downs in all phases of life. At times it make you happy and fills your heart with pride but at times it denies your wishes and put you down in a way that it becomes difficult to abide. The twists and turns of life really make a tough life that continuously crush your scholar mind and leave your heart barren. At times life is so peaceful that it makes you feel the warm breeze on a cool winter night and warms your heart with love, joy, and happiness.

When you look back at life, then there are days that leave your mind in puzzled pieces but the road ahead make you feel stronger and better with a wish to strive for a new journey of life. The emotions, the sentiments and the power of words are all ruled by the situations and circumstances of life. Emotions that you once dismiss can be your strength at some crossroad of life and the feelings that you value much in life can take you to darkness.

There is lot of commotion here and there; there are hidden secrets in the deep ocean of life; and there is an unpredictable explosion. There is no certainty and nothing permanent in life. How can you expect anything to be permanent in this temporary life? If life itself is not permanent then how can any single moment of joy or happiness be permanent?

Life has its own course, let it flow with its never ending motion. Rather than stumbling over obstacles and burning on fire, be strong enough to stand against the wind of time and accept whatever comes your way and wherever life takes you.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Philosophy of Life

It is truly been said that 'life is a one way road, where you can always see back but can never go back'. It is really easy to make a mistake or to hurt someone but at a later stage of life when you realize you committed a mistake it becomes too late. And that time it becomes impossible for you to go back on your way and set things right. It is easy to say 'I forgive' for anyone but the fact remains that the hurt and the pain that a heart feels through your harsh words and deeds is something that no joy can take away. Hurting a loved one or leaving someone special behind with the lust to win the race of life, is something that a heart can forgive but can never forget. The other person may be good enough to forget the past but the scars remain their is not at all easy to mend a broken heart or a broken relationship.

That is a simple philosophy of life that life does not give you a second be sure of what you are doing at every stage of life.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Women Issues in India

Women issues in India is causing a big threat to the society and the people living in the country. The increasing crime rate against women and gender discrimination is continually hampering the growth and is creating an imbalance in the boy-girl ratio.

People are knowingly causing harm and offering endless pain to the gender who is known to be the creator of man. God never created women with this vision but were descended with a belief to run life on earth. If gradually there is no women left on earth then life will certainly come to an end. There is no justification to why men is pushing further all the women issues in India but the fact remains that women are increasingly becoming the target of atrocities.

Sadly, this is the nation where we worship Goddess Lakshmi, Saraswati, Paravti,and Maa Kaali but we fail to worship the creature that is known to be the epitome of their supernatural powers and selflessness. Why such a differentiation?

If you have a deep insight into the belief that Goddesses are worshiped in the country then do get deep into the heart of a woman and see how painful and pitiful it is to make her run through fire and deflate her life by bursting her with blow of insult, disrespect, and violence. She is a beautiful creature that has descend from heaven her and respect her. In return you'll get a bundle of joys and abundance of unconditional and parallel love.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Social Evils in Indian Society

Social evils in Indian society have become a serious concern in the present day world. it is gradually affecting the roots of our culture and is blocking its rapid growth on the global chart.

Unemployment, illiteracy, corruption, urbanization, gender discrimination, domestic violence, poverty, population explosion, and lust for money are all social evils prevailing in the country. Moreover, decline of values and decline of community has further shaken the society. There are many factors and causes that have contributed in the creating as well as inflating these evils.

In the recent years many pathological social conditions have arise due to which the social problems in India have become even worse. Some of the common causes of social evils are differentiation of interest, growth of civilization, challenges in social behavior and social systems, lack of required changes in religious beliefs, malfunctioning of economic system, defective execution of political systems, and an ever-increasing lust for money.

Further to that, the biggest cause contributing to the increasing social evils in Indian society is a developed insight or an improved vision. This caters to development of human in all fields of life. People today are becoming modernized leaving behind the facts and essence of society, culture, and religion. His approach towards life is becoming practical and scientific. Every phase of life is now judged by a developed insight to have a scientific and rational solution to all issues of life.

Women Issues in India

Women issues in India are a matter of serious concern for the health of women, the fate of humanity, and for the prosperity of a country. There are many issues that women of today are experiencing day in and day out with a heavy heart and a silent tear. Sadly, our government and the stringent policies as well as laws have failed to change the mindset of this man dominating world.

Since the birth of humanity, time has not changed its course for women. Even today women of India are put forward to various discriminatory practices like sati, dowry, lower literacy levels, higher mortality rates, malnutrition, and domestic violence. All these women issues are sadly deep rooted in the Indian ethos which is not only affecting the social status of women in India but is also hampering the growth and development of the country.

It’s distressing that many girls don’t even get the freedom to life as they are brutally killed in their mother’s womb. This cruel world snatches away the right to life and she fails to breathe the freshness of life. And if in case she becomes successful in living she is burnt to ashes through harshness of life and cruelty of the society. In any case she has to sacrifice her life to fulfill the needs, demands, and desires of men in the society.

Staring from her life as a girl child till the end of her life as a grandma, she experiences many trials and tribulations that leave a deep impact on her life physically, socially, and emotionally. During childhood she is put to face lack of nutrition, lack of education, and lack of care whereas in adulthood she is put to the most distressing social evils of India like sati, dowry, and domestic violence.

India holds a sad picture of women status in India. The society has to change the way it looks at women and the way it treats women in our country. Government has to take a strict action against various forms of women issues in India before the essence of life and unconditional love dies from a woman’s heart.

It’s not only the job of the government to protect women rights in India but also our duty being the citizens of the country. You and I are also contributing to the worsening conditions of women status in India in some way or the other. We, together have to take a step ahead to give women the right to live a happy life. Shouldn’t we?

Real Life Situation – Handle Life or Lose Life

Real life situations are bitter and tougher than we can think and imagine. There are many situations that come and go with bundles of trials and tribulations but there are some that in a moment of time can change the direction or the meaning of life.

When you encounter life it becomes really difficult to decide what to say and where to go. Life itself is a big question waving into your minds and this makes it even more difficult to judge what’s right and what’s wrong. But at such a moment it is very important to make a wise judgment or else you’ll lose the essence of life.

This is a real life situation that occurred long back, an touching life story that changed the meaning of life. One day I saw two good friends fighting for no reason. They gave an end to a beautiful relationship that was being carried over since years. They together nurtured the relationship to a beautiful story that had no beginning and no end….all that the bondage had was love. Then all of sudden why this distressing end?

It was nothing but just the result of one’s frustration. In anger you don’t know what you speak and what you act but later when you realize it becomes truly difficult to cope up with that painful past where you can never go back and set things right.

One of the friends in anger etched all blames and disappointments on the other friend’s heart. Burning in the fire of frustration and self respect both moved in different direction of life with a promise to never come back to this crossroad of life. The friend who in anger poured all blames was living her life but in vain, she felt she was happy away and alone. At the other end, the other friend just moved away but deep within her heart had all the love and concern for her friend. Sadly, this concern and love was read by her best friend. She was still sure that one day her friend will be back.

Months from then a day came when the friend in fault had to approach the other friend in help and to her surprise she was forgiven for all her harsh words and painful acts. Infact, it was a shocking experience to know how a person can be so humble and considerate. It’s like spreading the fragrance of love even after being crushed. 

Trickling tears, heart ache, deep pain, guilt within, and shameful eyes were all that could be seen on the faulty friend that day. She repented for years together even though the other friend had forgiven her. She could never erase that harshness from her life. She then realized that she never etches blames and disappointments on her friend’s heart but on her own heart….a scar that can never be mended. She lived for years but a dead life with the guilt that remained within her.

It is truly been said that life is a one way road where you can always look back but can never go back. So, be wise and take the right decision at the right time rather than to repent later. Live the real life situations with thoughts from your head, and sentiments arousing your heart.

You should know how to handle life because if you fail to handle even one single situation you may lose life.

Social Problems in India

Social problems in India require deep insight into the rich heritage and culture of the country. It is deep rooted in the Indian heritage and from that is has outgrown to a serious crime prevailing within the boundaries.

India is certainly one of the fastest developing nations of the world. It has been more than half a century ago that the country gained independence and became a republic but sadly the freedom of thought and freedom of life is not enjoyed by all even today. However, issues rooted in our colonial past, cultural processes, socio-economic changes, and certain advancements have together led to experiencing a variety of problems.

At present, poverty, gender discrimination, and unemployment are the most distressing social evils in India that has weaken the growth factor of the society. At one end we say economy is progressing at a soaring rate but the truth remains that in certain sections of the country, people are deprived of their basic requirements like food, water, and shelter. Poverty in India is a dehumanizing condition that snatches away the right to fulfill necessary resources of life.

Gender discrimination is undoubtedly one of those social problems in India that is causing an uncertain imbalance in the society. Issues like girl infanticide, exploitation, illiteracy, maternal mortality, and dowry deaths are throbbing discrimination women of India are subjected to.  In all fields and phases of life women are becoming the key targets of various kinds of atrocities.

Unemployment is another issue that is pushing many people under the poverty line. With increasing price of necessary resources of life, unemployed people are unable to fetch themselves and their families. Increasing competition in the business and job sector is aggravating the conditions of unemployment in India.

Further to that social evils in India like corruption, illiteracy, and urbanization is also making the condition worst for people living in the Indian society. All these social issues need a careful analysis and demand rational solution to help the society grow in all possible ways.

There has to be an end to these social problems in India or else the growth and development of the country will be at stake.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Truth of Life is Sour

Truth of life is really sour with one moment of success and bundle of hardships, one second of joy and hours of sorrows, one day of celebrations and years of tribulations. You can never know how swiftly a special divine moment will turn into a distressing period of life. The journey of life is not at all a smooth road.

It is said that challenges test our strength, courage and endurance but at times these are so hard that life starts taking a toll. Why such things always outnumber the small joys of life. The hardest to digest truth of life today is that people are not sad with their sorrows but sad with joys and success of other people. I really don’t understand why people eagerly wait to see the troubles and challenges of other people? Why can’t they just walk their own path of life and overcome all the obstacles on their way.

Every life is filled with a mixture of joys, sorrows, success, failure, and hardships. Rather than smiling on the sorrows and failures of others, if we help others overcome their challenges then trust me you won’t ever stumble upon obstacles blocking your own way. When you go out of your way to help others selflessly and unconditionally then your way will be clear without any efforts. It is certainly a fact to question in the present day world of selfishness but just give one try and you’ll see the difference.

Truth of life is sour and will remain sour but you can certainly add some sweetness by helping others and making others feel special. Remember the joys you give to others will revert to you in double.

Trust me, just try once and then you’ll see how sweet and memorable truth of life will become.

Social Evils in India

Social evils in India are gradually transforming the face of Indian society. The rich heritage of India beholds a bundle of rituals and religious beliefs that are known to be an essential part of Indian culture and civilization. But way ahead from then, the scenario has completely changed…the beliefs that were once known to be a respectful form of the cultural society has now become one of the biggest social problems in India. One live example of this is the practice of Sati.

Sati was never a social evil till people in the country accepted the belief and respected the norm but now with modernization and advancement people have started raising their voice against sati, eventually making it a social problem. The voice was heard only after Raja Ram Mohan Roy took the initiative and tagged the practice as awful and harmful. Apart from this, population explosion was also not at all a social problem in India but as the population start exploding massively the issue t turned out to be the most serious problem.

That’s what is a social evil involves, a value judgment.  Social evil is defined as situation or a practice confronting a huge section of the society and leaving harmful impacts on the human relationships as well as the culture of the nation. It changes with the change in thoughts and expressions of people residing in the country. Social changes like change in human behavior, technological advancement affecting the society, and change in human relationships, create new conditions under which an issue can be identified and unveiled as a social evil.

In the present scenario social evils in India include drug abuse, corruption, terrorism, poverty, unemployment, and girl infanticide, maternal mortality, and domestic violence. All these issues have turn into oblivion the aesthetics of Indian heritage and culture. The increasing crime rate in the country is gradually snatching away the beauty of the country which was accented by the feelings of humanity, brotherhood, and love amongst the people in the country. India is now witnessing a declining growth in terms of cultural advancement….

Monday, 9 May 2011

Stop Brutal Killing of Girl Child in India

Every now and then we hear of girl infanticide, female feticide, and son idolization. Sadly, these discriminatory practices in India have overshadowed the biological advantages of being a girl. We often tend to forget that biologically and emotionally girls are stronger and powerful than boys. With every death of a girl child the boy to girl ratio in India is decreasing which in long run will certainly take a toll on human life.

Technology has advanced after liberalization and globalization but in no way it has helped to give the freedom of life to girls. Indian ethos witnesses a number of girl infanticide and sadly the same continues even today despite of all the social, economic, and technological advancements. In reality, the soaring advancements in technologies have given birth to a number of innovative technologies like biopsy, amniocentesis, and ultrasound. The purpose for which these were introduced is of no value in the present day as these techniques have become an important medium of brutally killing girl child in India as well as in other countries of the world.

Further to that recent improvements in science like IVF have given infertile couples an opportunity to choose the gender of their child. Obviously, more than 80% of the couples in the country are choosing to have a baby boy. Science is turning out to be a curse for the Indian society. As and when there are some improvements in science or technology, it is taking a toll on girl’s life.

Today situation in India is quite similar to the situation of South Korea in the year 1980. During that period of time in South Korea, it was difficult for families to find a perfect wife for their sons. The main reason was the declining men to women ratio due to which every man was unable to tie the wedding knot. The fight for getting a bride in the family had become a high level competition. At a stage when a mother is pregnant people there used to exaggerate about the qualities of their sons so that if the mother gets a girl child, the son’s family books her very much in advance. Sadly, the same is happening in India but the difference lies in the time span. Time is not far away when the number of girls in India will become half or even lesser when compared to boys.

If this brutal killing of girl child in India continues then soon a day will come when life will come to an end because if there will be no womb how will a life survive? Think wisely and ponder sensibly….stop the brutal killing of girls.

From the Heart of a Girl Child

Can you hear the voice of a young girl sweating with blood and flooding in tears? With tears in her eyes, pain in her heart, and plead in her words, her heart is just singing one slogan of life, “ Please Let Me Live”.

Is it really difficult for the world to grant me this one quest of life? From the womb of my mother, I can feel the beautiful world, the magnificent landscapes, golden deserts, flowing waters, and numerous panoramic views. From there within I can feel the virtual touch of my parents, my family, and my friends. From the wraps of a mother’s womb, I want to come out to see the beautiful world, feel magic in my mother’s arms, feel at bliss walking the first step holding my dad’s finger, and enjoy the splendid world of friends and relatives showering love and concern. Is this something beyond life that I can’t get? Or is it something that I don’t deserve? Are my expectations too much for you all that you can’t surrender and grant me the freedom to live my desire?

If not, then why are you killing me? Please let me live my life like my brother and my other siblings are living. Allow me to take a fresh breath in the world and march ahead to experience the ups and downs of all phases of life. Hurdles are certainly a part of life and I don’t deny facing them as I know that I hold the strength and endurance to overcome them. But to fight these I need to live, I need to experience the truth of life, and I need to fight courageously. Without even giving me one chance to prove myself, don’t say, ‘I am weak’, don’t say, ‘I can’t fight’ and please never say, ‘I can’t live’.

Inner voice of every girl child today is singing just one chorus, ‘I may not be beautiful in appearance but I am beautiful from within. Please don’t kill me and grant me the freedom to live’.

It’s time to wake up my friends and listen to the chores of a girl child. We should certainly take measures to stop girl infanticide, female feticide as well as grant all girls a beautiful world to live and enjoy.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Life of a Girl - Fantasy Meets Reality

Girls are always associated with beautiful baby dolls that are outstandingly created by artists. Since childhood they learn to live in the world of fantasy where dolls like Barbie, Hannah Montana, and Dora become their role model. They follow their fairy tales and stories through which they bind themselves along the way to life. Cuddly appeal, touch of beauty, and softness of the world is all girls look around.

Life like a baby doll is what girls aspire. But do they really get through these fantasies? Should they truly be given the freedom to live into the world of fantasy?

No, my friend!

Peep into the old Indian tradition and you'll realize that nothing has changed despite of so much advancements and improvements in technology. Years ago girls were ill-treated, considered inferior to boys, and were also tagged to be a 'burden on the family'. Over a period of time, everything started changing but its distressing to state that the fate of girls still remains the same.

Today gladly globalization and liberalization have opened a huge gateway for girls to explore the world with lucrative opportunities but even then they are not given the freedom to live their life as what they aspire and expect. However, Government rules and actions against injustice to girls have become very supportive but my friends, how many of us really follow those?

When a girl child is born in the family, the first question that storms in every mind is 'ladka kyun nahi hua'. Tell me my friend how does it actually makes a difference. Whether a girl or a boy, both are God's blessings. Infact blessing a family with a girl child is God's own way of gifting the world's biggest pleasure to your family. Trust me having a girl child cuddled tight in your arms creates a strong emotional repsonse, it creates does!

Girls in the world of fantasy love and nurture their dolls with warmth and care. As they grow up they embrace the same motherly feeling for their younger siblings. Further on the journey of life they bid adieu to their parents and happily embrace the new world of people, new responsibilities, and the new change of life.

In the entire journey from childhood to womanhood she goes up and down on every sea saw of life. As a daughter, as a sister, a mother, a wife, and further more, all she is doing is sacrificing her own desires, expectations, and life to fulfill the needs of her own people, people who make her world. Though today there are many families who have granted the freedom of life to girls but even then there are certain situations where the old beliefs and customs still revolves around a girl's life. At every stage her world of fantasy shatters down and every time one hard blow hits her, one piece of her fascinating world flows away with the stormy waves of life. Every time her hopes shatters her dreams break but her life still flows.....

Look around you and you'll find many live examples of such false fairy tales where fantasies never turn out to be real. How long will girls live in the nutshell of aspiring a life like a baby doll? How long they'll continue to live a life of fascination? It's time my friends, come out of the fairy tales and live the real life...a life that is harder than we can think of and tougher than we can fight.

But one thing is for a crossroad where fantasy will meet reality; endurance, tolerance, patience, and the determination to win over life's challenges will shake hands with you. You don't have to invite them, they come without a call or an invitation...Its the truth of life.

Just move on and live your life your way!

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The Incredible Story of My Friend – My Angel

We all talk about friendship and friends but do we exactly know what friendship is, what friends are? Does anyone know the hidden meaning behind the term ‘Friendship’? Has anyone ever explored the depths of a friend’s heart? If yes, only then we can happily sustain and live this eternal relationship.

As for me, my friend is my angel, someone who makes my life meaningful and colorful. In his own imaginative ways he spreads love and radiance to my life. As he walks in the open doors of my life, all the ill spirit starts moving out the door. With this, all the darkness disappears, making my days full of life and my life full of light.

By light I just don’t refer to his glowing face or an aura surrounding his face but to the real radiance that comes from within. As I explore the depth of his heart I get to know him better and I find the world within. Pack of values and virtues fill his heart with traces of love, concern, kindness, humanity, generosity, compassion, and courage.  His heart looks like a canvas with a beautiful picture that portrays an angelic being. And the best part is that to discover the depth of his heart you don’t need to take a ride within but just a peep into his eyes that is always sparkling with love.

When the bright sun burns me he becomes a tree to protect me from the burning sensation, during the chilling winter morning he keeps me closer to the warm light of his heart, in despair he becomes my hope, in sorrow he becomes my smile, and in joy he becomes my companion. He masters an art of transforming ordinary days to extraordinary days and knows the magic to convert tears to smiles. In all forms in all ways he makes my life magnificent.

That’s what my friend is, my beautiful angel!!! And yours?

Do you really think they are with you in all the walks of life? Do they stand beside you even in the thundering storm? Or they walk out when the entire world walks out? You have your answers, so ask yourself and then decide who your friend is…