Thursday, 19 May 2011

Women Issues in India

Women issues in India is causing a big threat to the society and the people living in the country. The increasing crime rate against women and gender discrimination is continually hampering the growth and is creating an imbalance in the boy-girl ratio.

People are knowingly causing harm and offering endless pain to the gender who is known to be the creator of man. God never created women with this vision but were descended with a belief to run life on earth. If gradually there is no women left on earth then life will certainly come to an end. There is no justification to why men is pushing further all the women issues in India but the fact remains that women are increasingly becoming the target of atrocities.

Sadly, this is the nation where we worship Goddess Lakshmi, Saraswati, Paravti,and Maa Kaali but we fail to worship the creature that is known to be the epitome of their supernatural powers and selflessness. Why such a differentiation?

If you have a deep insight into the belief that Goddesses are worshiped in the country then do get deep into the heart of a woman and see how painful and pitiful it is to make her run through fire and deflate her life by bursting her with blow of insult, disrespect, and violence. She is a beautiful creature that has descend from heaven her and respect her. In return you'll get a bundle of joys and abundance of unconditional and parallel love.

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