Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Friendship: A Gift In Disguise

A friend is someone who stands by you through thick and thin. He has unconditional love for you and treats you like a brother. He is always there for you in times of your need. No matter what choices you’ve made, he is always there to guide you and to rectify your mistakes if need be. Friendship is the relationship that exists between two individuals. They make sure that they travel through life’s troubles and happiness together and bring out the best in each other.

No wonder they say that true friendship comes in the form of a blessing. A friend is someone you connect with on a strong emotional basis. Friendship is one of the pillars to success which assists you in every life move. It helps bring you up when you are feeling down. It motivates you and pushes you to get out of your boundaries and explore new things. It gives you reason to look forward to tomorrow. It gives you a shoulder to cry on, someone to lean one and someone to create wonderful memories with. Friendship means allowing yourself to be you. Your friends accept you for who you are and you can act crazy or silly or downright ridiculous in front of them and have a good time.

Imagine life without friendship. Dealing with all the  troubles you are faced with in life alone. Not only does it sound depressing but also quite impossible. You need someone to be there for you at your highs as well as your lows. A lot of people tend to have a huge group of friends while some tend to stick to lesser numbers. But the magnitude of your friendship doesn’t matter as much as the quality of it. True friendship stands by a person’s side always.

Friendship helps in making a person feel loved and accepted. It enriches your life and makes you feel wanted. Friendship is one of the things that we should be thankful to God for. Moreover, you should be thankful to your friends for being there for you always.

Traveling through the various paths life has laid out for you can only be made easier and enjoyable with the company of good friends. The only thing you should hope for is being blessed with good friends. The key element to a lasting friendship is being a good friend yourself.

Maiden, Mother, Crone

The stages in a woman’s life cycle can be broken down into three main parts: The Maiden, The Mother and The Crone. Because hormones play such an integral part in a woman’s growth and development a woman’s psyche goes through a lot of changes as she grows up. These hormones affect the emotions, the experiences and the feelings that  a woman contains at the time of the transition.

A woman goes through a lot of physical transformations in her life. Beginning with menstruation and ending with menopause it is indeed an intense time for her. It makes her reflect on her inside and understand her thoughts and emotions. It creates a strong sense of intuition inside them. As a women grows, the psychology of her mind transforms with the changes in her body accordingly.

It is said that a woman must get in touch with her feminine side through any of the three phases she is going through. Some people believe that a woman can have all three factors awakened in her together. To evolve into our femininity one must be conscious of the presence of the three elements in the mind and body. These three elements combined together are also known as the Triple Goddess. By accepting and discovering the Maiden, mother and the crone, we can consciously choose which side to portray.

The maiden is the young girl that is unaware of the ways of the world. She is curious and playful. She feels the need to explore the world and find out its various ways. There are no inhibitions and no one stopping this girl to get from what she wants. She is ready to explore and set out on the various wonders life has to offer to her.

The second stage is that of the  mother. She is wiser and more mature. She is responsible and has her priorities set. She believes in doing good things for others. She has compassion and is generous in her behaviour.

The third stage is that of the Crone. This is the wisest of all stages. A crone has lived a full life and has the wisdom to choose from right to wrong. She is self empowered and does not perform any action without thinking. She has honed her intuition skills perfectly.

Therefore a woman’s life cycle travels through these three phases typically. These depict how varied and complex the inner psyche of a female is. 

Relationships: The Clockwork To Success

Man is a social animal. We’ve all heard this phrase a lot of times in our lives. This stands absolutely true as all of us are in need of social contacts. This is one factor that is same in every human being irrespective of his age, sex, nationality or whichever factor that makes him different from the other. Relationships add the much needed flavour to life. We have someone to share our happiness, sorrows and daily drama with. They can however go either way, therefore relationship, like other things need to be given time and care.

As we know time has the ability to change most things. Relationships are not secure from the tide of time as well. This can be reflected by the various relationships we hold in our lives. Take your relationship with your parents as an example. We see that as we grow up, the relationship tends to bend towards an equality side. We learn to become independent and our parents start treating us as equals.

Therefore, the kind of relationships you hold differs from the person in question. We have a significant relationship with each person in our life. They can be friends, or family, or co-workers or teachers or even pets. Every human craves for comfort and company. Therefore, a healthy relationship ensures success in a lot of ways. We have someone to inspire us, share positive thoughts as well as guide us in everyday life.

However there is a downside to having relationships as well. If we do not give them enough importance or take our relationships for granted we are inviting unwanted stress and drama into our lives. Relationships have to be cared and nurtured for fulfilling results. Due to the fast paced life that we are living in now, we often neglect our relationships. This is detrimental to our health as relationships are important for a healthy social life. It helps the person decide the kind of person he wants to develop himself into. Interacting and communicating with likeminded peers makes life simpler.

Relationships teach you a lot of things. We learn to socialize and interact with fellow human beings. Each relationship has something new to offer. They teach us to explore and enjoy new things in life. Communication is an integral part to any relationship. It helps in clearing the mind of any negativity and instills positive feeling in one’s body. Relationships also guide you in life creating many fond memories with your loved ones that you can cherish.