Monday, 16 May 2011

Social Evils in India

Social evils in India are gradually transforming the face of Indian society. The rich heritage of India beholds a bundle of rituals and religious beliefs that are known to be an essential part of Indian culture and civilization. But way ahead from then, the scenario has completely changed…the beliefs that were once known to be a respectful form of the cultural society has now become one of the biggest social problems in India. One live example of this is the practice of Sati.

Sati was never a social evil till people in the country accepted the belief and respected the norm but now with modernization and advancement people have started raising their voice against sati, eventually making it a social problem. The voice was heard only after Raja Ram Mohan Roy took the initiative and tagged the practice as awful and harmful. Apart from this, population explosion was also not at all a social problem in India but as the population start exploding massively the issue t turned out to be the most serious problem.

That’s what is a social evil involves, a value judgment.  Social evil is defined as situation or a practice confronting a huge section of the society and leaving harmful impacts on the human relationships as well as the culture of the nation. It changes with the change in thoughts and expressions of people residing in the country. Social changes like change in human behavior, technological advancement affecting the society, and change in human relationships, create new conditions under which an issue can be identified and unveiled as a social evil.

In the present scenario social evils in India include drug abuse, corruption, terrorism, poverty, unemployment, and girl infanticide, maternal mortality, and domestic violence. All these issues have turn into oblivion the aesthetics of Indian heritage and culture. The increasing crime rate in the country is gradually snatching away the beauty of the country which was accented by the feelings of humanity, brotherhood, and love amongst the people in the country. India is now witnessing a declining growth in terms of cultural advancement….

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