Saturday, 24 December 2011

Build your confidence

Confidence is needed in every field that you want to pursue. You can’t not be having confidence in yourself and fighting out the world. This is something just not possible. The single greatest source of mental energy is positive interaction with others. To achieve success at every level- be it school, college, interview, workplace, you have to have confidence in yourself.
How do you plan to build your confidence? Summed up below are just some of the best means of doing the same.

You must schedule your social life. Your social skills would need time to develop. They say practice makes a man perfect, even for the socially secure. By surrounding yourself with others you create a rich supply of opportunities to observe interactions and to improve upon your own social behaviour.

Thinking positive is also very important. Insecure people approach others anxiously, feeling they have to prove that they're interesting. Self-assured people expect others to respond positively despite the fact that one of the most difficult social tasks is to join an activity that is already in progress. Engage yourself in social reconnaissance. The socially competent are highly skilled at information gathering, always scanning the scene for important details to guide their actions. They are tuned in to people's expression of specific emotions and are sensitive to signals that convey such information making them prone to reacting to such things. 

Failure is never bad. Everyone will sometime or the other be rejected. The socially confident don't take rebuffs personally. They don't attribute rejection to internal causes, such as being unlikable or an inability to make friends. Self-assured people become resilient, using the feedback they get to shape another go at acceptance. Managing emotions is another formidable task that one must follow. Social situations are varied and complex at times. People react and non-react to things that matter to us in varied ways. You have to be adaptable and ease with such things. No one can do all that without a reasonable degree of control over their own emotional states, especially negative emotions such as anger, fear, anxiety, emotions that usually arise in situations of conflict or uncertainty.

Also learn to defuse disagreements. When many people are together conflicts are inevitable. What is important is to cope with such confrontations. Laughing helps always. Add humour where you think the conversation is going awry. Humour is liked by one and all. It is the most prized social skill. Just create humour from anywhere and you will become the centre of attention in a crowd.

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