Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Social Evils in Indian Society

Social evils in Indian society have become a serious concern in the present day world. it is gradually affecting the roots of our culture and is blocking its rapid growth on the global chart.

Unemployment, illiteracy, corruption, urbanization, gender discrimination, domestic violence, poverty, population explosion, and lust for money are all social evils prevailing in the country. Moreover, decline of values and decline of community has further shaken the society. There are many factors and causes that have contributed in the creating as well as inflating these evils.

In the recent years many pathological social conditions have arise due to which the social problems in India have become even worse. Some of the common causes of social evils are differentiation of interest, growth of civilization, challenges in social behavior and social systems, lack of required changes in religious beliefs, malfunctioning of economic system, defective execution of political systems, and an ever-increasing lust for money.

Further to that, the biggest cause contributing to the increasing social evils in Indian society is a developed insight or an improved vision. This caters to development of human in all fields of life. People today are becoming modernized leaving behind the facts and essence of society, culture, and religion. His approach towards life is becoming practical and scientific. Every phase of life is now judged by a developed insight to have a scientific and rational solution to all issues of life.


  1. dowry system is also a great concern of this society. in this cultured India educated people are more responsible for increasing this system. today's realty is that a governed person demand for costly cars and all goods in his marriage. if a educated person directly demands for dowry then it is a great same for education. government should be implement the dowry laws strictly so that this concern would be decrease.

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  3. We must adopt these things in our personal life because we are human beings only then it will we possible to remove these evils from our precious society.