Saturday, 3 December 2011

Power of Expressions

What are expressions? ‘Expression’ comes from the word ‘express’. To express is to give shape to the thoughts, emotions and feelings inside us. Most of us cry when we need to express sadness, grief or for that matter disappointment. When we are happy, we express it through our smile and laughter.

Expressions are an essential component of the life of every human being on this earth. All of us have the right to express. We have nothing but our expressions through which we have achieve a balance between our physical and mental being. Expressions are God’s gift to give life to our thoughts and feelings. However, all of us are not good at expressing ourselves. Some of us find it very difficult to express ourselves be it sadness or joy. This is mainly because we ourselves have created a barrier within us. We are always bogged down by what the world thinks of us. Due to this our actions are restrained. However, one must realize the fact each and every individual is unique. It is only when we are able to freely express ourselves that we will be able to enjoy our life.

Our mind is at peace when we express ourselves freely. We become better at our communication. Not expressing what one feels leads to increased frustration and this in turn results in decreased efficiency. Sometimes, we do not express ourselves especially anger because we feel we might hurt someone. However, what about hurting your soul within? You must not vent out your anger by harming someone however, if you are angry, you can let the other person know by open communication that you were angry because you did not like something. This helps to stay clear of any kind of misunderstandings. 

There are some people who find it difficult to express their love. You must always appreciate the fact that God has given us senses to express and feel. If you love someone you must let the other person know. Not only this helps in spreading love and happiness but also makes people feel special. Be it anger, frustration, or admiration, it is said that one must express oneself. Let the other person know what you think.

Sometimes, even silence is an expression. In fact it is the most sublime form of expression. More often than not what we can express through silence, we may not be able to express it through words. Silence helps us to rise above the limitations of the mind and heart.

The power of expressions is immense. Some express through their writing, some through singing, some even express without words! But to express is what is important to mankind. It is only through our expressions that we are able to exchange ideas, share thoughts, feel, learn, experience, and believe. Animals have limited form of expressions unlike humans and hence we must make use of our expressions to spread peace, love and harmony. Human beings are truly blessed to be able to express so easily and we must make good use of it! 

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