Monday, 16 May 2011

Truth of Life is Sour

Truth of life is really sour with one moment of success and bundle of hardships, one second of joy and hours of sorrows, one day of celebrations and years of tribulations. You can never know how swiftly a special divine moment will turn into a distressing period of life. The journey of life is not at all a smooth road.

It is said that challenges test our strength, courage and endurance but at times these are so hard that life starts taking a toll. Why such things always outnumber the small joys of life. The hardest to digest truth of life today is that people are not sad with their sorrows but sad with joys and success of other people. I really don’t understand why people eagerly wait to see the troubles and challenges of other people? Why can’t they just walk their own path of life and overcome all the obstacles on their way.

Every life is filled with a mixture of joys, sorrows, success, failure, and hardships. Rather than smiling on the sorrows and failures of others, if we help others overcome their challenges then trust me you won’t ever stumble upon obstacles blocking your own way. When you go out of your way to help others selflessly and unconditionally then your way will be clear without any efforts. It is certainly a fact to question in the present day world of selfishness but just give one try and you’ll see the difference.

Truth of life is sour and will remain sour but you can certainly add some sweetness by helping others and making others feel special. Remember the joys you give to others will revert to you in double.

Trust me, just try once and then you’ll see how sweet and memorable truth of life will become.

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