Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Real Life Situation – Handle Life or Lose Life

Real life situations are bitter and tougher than we can think and imagine. There are many situations that come and go with bundles of trials and tribulations but there are some that in a moment of time can change the direction or the meaning of life.

When you encounter life it becomes really difficult to decide what to say and where to go. Life itself is a big question waving into your minds and this makes it even more difficult to judge what’s right and what’s wrong. But at such a moment it is very important to make a wise judgment or else you’ll lose the essence of life.

This is a real life situation that occurred long back, an touching life story that changed the meaning of life. One day I saw two good friends fighting for no reason. They gave an end to a beautiful relationship that was being carried over since years. They together nurtured the relationship to a beautiful story that had no beginning and no end….all that the bondage had was love. Then all of sudden why this distressing end?

It was nothing but just the result of one’s frustration. In anger you don’t know what you speak and what you act but later when you realize it becomes truly difficult to cope up with that painful past where you can never go back and set things right.

One of the friends in anger etched all blames and disappointments on the other friend’s heart. Burning in the fire of frustration and self respect both moved in different direction of life with a promise to never come back to this crossroad of life. The friend who in anger poured all blames was living her life but in vain, she felt she was happy away and alone. At the other end, the other friend just moved away but deep within her heart had all the love and concern for her friend. Sadly, this concern and love was read by her best friend. She was still sure that one day her friend will be back.

Months from then a day came when the friend in fault had to approach the other friend in help and to her surprise she was forgiven for all her harsh words and painful acts. Infact, it was a shocking experience to know how a person can be so humble and considerate. It’s like spreading the fragrance of love even after being crushed. 

Trickling tears, heart ache, deep pain, guilt within, and shameful eyes were all that could be seen on the faulty friend that day. She repented for years together even though the other friend had forgiven her. She could never erase that harshness from her life. She then realized that she never etches blames and disappointments on her friend’s heart but on her own heart….a scar that can never be mended. She lived for years but a dead life with the guilt that remained within her.

It is truly been said that life is a one way road where you can always look back but can never go back. So, be wise and take the right decision at the right time rather than to repent later. Live the real life situations with thoughts from your head, and sentiments arousing your heart.

You should know how to handle life because if you fail to handle even one single situation you may lose life.

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