Saturday, 21 May 2011

Philosophy of Life

It is truly been said that 'life is a one way road, where you can always see back but can never go back'. It is really easy to make a mistake or to hurt someone but at a later stage of life when you realize you committed a mistake it becomes too late. And that time it becomes impossible for you to go back on your way and set things right. It is easy to say 'I forgive' for anyone but the fact remains that the hurt and the pain that a heart feels through your harsh words and deeds is something that no joy can take away. Hurting a loved one or leaving someone special behind with the lust to win the race of life, is something that a heart can forgive but can never forget. The other person may be good enough to forget the past but the scars remain their is not at all easy to mend a broken heart or a broken relationship.

That is a simple philosophy of life that life does not give you a second be sure of what you are doing at every stage of life.

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