Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Women’s Life

A woman has been called a self less soul, an unselfish giver who devotes her whole life to her home, family and children. The day she is born to the day she passes away, every moment is sacrificed for the well being for others. This oblation makes her mature at an early age and then she is asked to the service of others.

Though a woman works purely out of her heart, she is forced to infinite discriminations and obstructions. The men dominated society does not even give her the right to life, let alone the other fundamental rights. Female feticide, infanticide,  dowry related deaths, denial to education and career, child marriages, domestic violence, sexual abuse and many other problems are faced by them. Even in the 21st century, there have been examples of ‘Sati Pratha’ and ill treatment of widows.

But after all these evil practices and discriminatory attitude, women today are breaking barriers and rising to great levels of success and pride. They are standing against the injustices and making a move towards their better reception in the society.

It is still unsure when all the malpractices will be rooted out and when women will achieve their right status but efforts need to be made without failing.

Life after Death

Many people for thousands of years have believed in the existence of soul, which being immortal and eternal escapes a body after death – afterlife. Also, there’s a belief that such cycles of birth and death continue till finally submerging into the ultimate truth of reality- God.

Although there are no established experiments or facts to prove the theory, our scriptures state otherwise. All the mythological writings and sacred places are filled with instances of the presence of the soul which governs our life even after death. The soul is what makes the living worth and what brings a purpose to life.

These writings also state that a person has to bear the fruits of his actions, even if he has to pay after death and the events that happen to us in our current birth are the consequences of the ‘Karma’ in the previous birth. Also, there comes the concept of heaven and hell with it.

 Scientists call such beliefs irrational and illogical but when it comes to the faith of the people, it is unsuppressible. They believe in God and the ‘Karmic’ energy of the universe which is the key to their living. Thus even after no proof, such beliefs will keep on holding up, laying the foundations of our cultures and values.

Relationship Matters More than Dollar

 People have often put money above than the relationships. But then, they have been proved wrong and for all the coming times, they will be proved wrong. No matter how rich you are, no dollar can suffice against a mother’s kiss, father’s advice, a sister’s hug, spouse’s love and children’s happiness.

When asked about hoarding the money, a man gives a simple explanation “I am working day and night for my family and when it will be enough, I shall spend all on them”. Unfortunately that ‘enough’ never becomes sufficient and if at some time it does, there remains no family to spend it on.
People forget that less money can still make for a comfortable living but having no friends, no relationships makes life miserable. In the race of getting ahead, procuring materialistic luxuries, families are left behind and when the realization dawns upon, there is none but loneliness.

The world has become so busy that nobody has time to sit together and eat supper with their families, no one has time to watch their kid’s first walk, nobody talks about love and care these days. If only, relationships are valued more than money, there will be paradise on earth only.

I agree dollars do rule your life in the present day world but all one should know is how to balance the flow in and out. I would rather pay all my dollars just to see one smile on the face of someone I love, to let that special person stay in my life forever, and to be with the person through life's path....The understanding of where to pay your dollars is ...Life beyond Dollars.

Female Infanticide

Females have been looked with a dogma of burden and hindrance not only in our nation but many other parts of the world.  Apart from denying the basic human rights, women have been forbidden to even live. Recent reports to UNICEF suggests, more than 50 million women in India are absent, owing to heinous crimes and discrimination against them.

Female infanticide, the deliberate killing of the girl infant soon after birth or after some time is one such shameful blot on our society. Females are slaughtered for a variety of reasons. They are killed in lieu of economic troubles they will bring in the form of dowry when they are married off. Raising a daughter is often considered a more difficult job, with her being the “izzat” of the family. But such offences are not only confined to the poor families, other socio-cultural norms also contribute to it. Male child is always given preference in almost all the cultures and beliefs. To carry on the family line, everyone expects a boy in their home.

Now the question arises, if such crimes keep taking place at the same pace, what would be the consequences?  Only when the number of girls will get so low that it would put the whole existence of humanity in jeopardy, the society and its deranged people will realize the truth.

Mood Swings

Every one of us at some point of time in our lives must have experienced sudden changes in our mood. Such changes could have positively affected the functioning of our body or most of the times, negatively influenced the control of our body. These rapid changes are termed as mood swings.

An episode of mood swing is often related to irritability that may be caused from the environmental factors or the hormonal imbalances in the body. Any deregulation in the normal routine, excessive usage of drugs and alcohols, lack of concentration, emotional pressure, changes in the sleep pattern may result into mood swings, lasting only a few hours or few days and in some cases few weeks. Sometimes the person may get really upset, moving towards depression.

If such symptoms persist and cause hindrance to normal functioning and control of the body, it is advisable to consult a doctor or a psychiatrist or at the least talk to someone about it.

Mood swings sure can play havoc with our lives and there is nothing we can do firmly to prevent them but we should take care from letting them take extra control, hampering us from leading a good time and ultimately good life.