Friday, 18 November 2011

Impact of Sports on Children

Sports have dominated the society in several ways. Children spend majority of their time while watching sports on TV or playing sports related video games which is developing dangers of obesity in them so playing sports is a good option for these kids to remain active and grow properly.  But there are some kids who are fond of playing sports and later on they want to involve themselves in organized sports. Sports have both positive and negative effects on children’s life.

Positive Effects:

Develops confidence

It has been found through research that children who participate in sports have more confidence and self esteem than other children who do not participate in sports. Sports will contribute a positive effect on their emotional and behavioral well being. Success and support from their family members and friends counts a lot in building their confidence. Once they developed confidence in their early ages, they will carry it lifelong. A child will start believing in efforts because efforts will leads to success and success will lead to confidence and confidence will lead to more success.

Develops team play

Sports also contribute a team work attitude in the kid. This will help the kid that reaching success is not in one’s hands, it is a combined effort of team and he will learn the habit of sharing his success with his team mates. They will also learn to work together towards a common goal. Sports will also teach them how to play fair and also tell them winning and losing comes hand in hand. When one team wins other teams loses it automatically and thus they can handle the win and lose with grace.

Encourage physical fitness

Today’s society has a lifestyle in which children are suffering from obesity, diabetes and many other serious health hazards. Sports are the best activity that can help children to get rid from serious health issues and keep them physically fit. Children getting aware of physical fitness in their young age will carry this habit to their adulthood and hence there will less obesity.

Develop personal goals

Different sports have different requirements, For instance if a child’s favorite sport is basket ball and he knew that tall people get selected for this sports but he has short height. In this case, he will set a personal goal to increase his height and get selected in the team. Therefore sports help him to set his goal and pay proper attention to achieve his goal.

Develop social skills

By playing sports kids will learn communicating skills and other social values.

Negative Effects:

Developing unrealistic goals

Sometimes children set unrealistic goals which are difficult to match because they are in their developing stages of physical and mental skills. This will result in loss of esteem and confidence in children. Parents have to guide their children to set realistic goals which can easily be achieved. 

Occurrence of injuries

Risk of injuries is very common in children playing sports. It is always recommended that children should be accompanied with proper guide or coach while doing practice or participating in any sport event to avoid serious injuries.

Inadequacy of nutrition:

Children who participate in sports need extra energy and nutrition. So parents should take proper care of their children by giving them the required amount of nutrition to recover from injuries.

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