Sunday, 13 November 2011

Character Building Activities for Children

Character is built of different qualities and how we demonstrate those qualities in different circumstances. Character building is an important phase in any body’s life to gain success. A person may have money, power or position but unless he don’t have good character he will not considered as truly successful. It is very important to build in good character traits in young age. Although character development is a long process and it comes with experience but children can be involve in character building through activities and direct learning from adults.

1. Trustworthiness: This means you are reliable and dependable. Children must be taught about that everybody needs a person in their life with whom they can share their secrets, who can be trustworthy and will not reveal your secrets to anybody, who is loyal and honest.

2. Respect: Extending respect will result in gaining respect. This character can be developed by introducing any group sport to the children. Basketball need tall children but the team has one short heighted kid. You can find that if the children are not insulting the short heighted kid that means they respect him as a player. Respect can be witness if they agree with each other opinions, if they do not talk about their opposite team behind their backs, if winning team is sensitive towards losing team.

3. Responsibility: This is the quality which every parent want their children to adapt. You can ask the kid to write a good deed each time they perform and tape all their responsible performances together to form a long chain. Whenever they will see this chain they will be motivated to add some more good responsible acts. In this way they will become habitual to perform responsible acts and will gain responsibility in their character.

4. Fairness: Justice and fairness counts a lot in raising the child. Parents having two or more children should give fair love to each child. When children will see the fairness and justice practically they will get more inclined to adapt this characteristic.

5. Caring: Caring means being loving, charitable and kind. It is important that children should be taught how to take care of their family members, environment and community. Teach children that accepting help in need is also as important as offering help to the needful. Children can be asked to create greeting cards for people living in old age homes to show that they have love and care for these people who have been avoided by their own family members. Children should be send personally to old age homes to deliver these cards because when they will see the love , appreciation and affection  in these people’s  eyes they realize that taking care of somebody is such a feeling that they will cherish throughout their life.

6. Citizenship: Children should be taught the meaning of citizenship so that they can connect it with their lives. 

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