Sunday, 13 November 2011

Teaching Children to be Responsible

Every parent wants that their children should acquire important habits which provide them respect from the society. Parents should take proper steps regarding making their children behave responsibly. It is always good to train your child in young age, rather than teaching him to change his bad habits when he is already habitual to his wrong doings.

There are various fun loving suggestions offered by parents to make their children responsible in their daily lives. It is important that child should acquire the habits and traits that will help him throughout his life. It has been promoted that children always try to copy their adults or parents so it is important for the parents to behave properly in a respectful manner. Fun activities will add pleasure in teaching children about respect.

  1. Teaching them the importance of manners: You should not assume that your children knew the basic mannerism. Instead you must always tell them to thanks people who have brought gifts for them. This training will inculcate thought process in them and they will appreciate other’s efforts, time and money that went in choosing and purchasing the gift.

  1. Teaching them the importance of respecting each other belongings: Usually children are possessive for their belongings and does not bother about other properties but it should be timely corrected. You can take two pencils of any two children and ask them to break or damage their own pencils. By doing this activity children will understand the feeling of losing their items and hence they will develop a feeling of respecting each other’s property.

  1. Teaching them the importance of extending respect: You can teach your children the gaining respect is as easy as extending respect. You should always tell your child to offer respect to every individual irrespective of his age, cast, religion and relation. This training will help him in developing respectful feelings for every individual. You should always encourage him by complimenting him each time he shows respect to any individual.

  1. Teaching him the consequences of choosing disrespectful act: Children can never differentiate between respectful and disrespectful act unless they have been told the difference. You can teach them the difference between respect and disrespect by giving him a task. For instance ask your child to complete the homework and suppose he has completed it in a wrong way then show him the consequences of his act. Ask the child to compare the consequences, he himself will judge the results and will learn how to get through with these consequences without being disrespectful to authority figures.

  1. Teaching them the concept of uniqueness: You should always encourage your child if he has some unique qualities. First of all make them clear about the word unique by drawing a unique person on the board. Teach them the importance of unique qualities and why a person with unique qualities gains respect.

Once children have learn the concept of gaining and giving respect they will become good individuals and will behave rationally no matter what unpleasant situations or bad influences they come across.

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