Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Women Issues in India

Women issues in India are a matter of serious concern for the health of women, the fate of humanity, and for the prosperity of a country. There are many issues that women of today are experiencing day in and day out with a heavy heart and a silent tear. Sadly, our government and the stringent policies as well as laws have failed to change the mindset of this man dominating world.

Since the birth of humanity, time has not changed its course for women. Even today women of India are put forward to various discriminatory practices like sati, dowry, lower literacy levels, higher mortality rates, malnutrition, and domestic violence. All these women issues are sadly deep rooted in the Indian ethos which is not only affecting the social status of women in India but is also hampering the growth and development of the country.

It’s distressing that many girls don’t even get the freedom to life as they are brutally killed in their mother’s womb. This cruel world snatches away the right to life and she fails to breathe the freshness of life. And if in case she becomes successful in living she is burnt to ashes through harshness of life and cruelty of the society. In any case she has to sacrifice her life to fulfill the needs, demands, and desires of men in the society.

Staring from her life as a girl child till the end of her life as a grandma, she experiences many trials and tribulations that leave a deep impact on her life physically, socially, and emotionally. During childhood she is put to face lack of nutrition, lack of education, and lack of care whereas in adulthood she is put to the most distressing social evils of India like sati, dowry, and domestic violence.

India holds a sad picture of women status in India. The society has to change the way it looks at women and the way it treats women in our country. Government has to take a strict action against various forms of women issues in India before the essence of life and unconditional love dies from a woman’s heart.

It’s not only the job of the government to protect women rights in India but also our duty being the citizens of the country. You and I are also contributing to the worsening conditions of women status in India in some way or the other. We, together have to take a step ahead to give women the right to live a happy life. Shouldn’t we?

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