Sunday, 10 July 2011

Girl Child in India

Every girl child in India whispers from the depth of her mother's womb..."Let me live, give me one chance to live the beautiful life and enjoy the beauty of the world".

When every girl child is whispering the same quote since years then why are we ignoring their voice? Time has gone by, civilization and globalization are hot discussions in the country around but frankly speaking, are we all really civilized? Infact the level of civilization is often marked by the place and status of woman in the society.

Its a woman who gives us birth and its a woman who rocks the cradle and helps us move our first step in life. Then why woman are so badly treated in the society? I really don't understand the scenario and status of women in India when I see small girls cleaning houses, begging at the roadside, or working at some industrial or construction site. When I hear the cry of a family in response to the birth of a girl child I feel heart broken...why so much of indifference? Why are people blind to the role of woman in our life?

There are many questions that keep on waving in my mind but I never get the answers to these.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Childhood Days Have Gone Past

Childhood days have gone past leaving empty hands and empty hearts as well. As a child we had the purest of hearts filled with innocence. There was no hatred and prejudice...infact these were never the words in our dictionary. But then as we grow old why these words encircle our life in a way that it starts ruling our lives. The innocence, selfless love, blind trust are all lost in air when we step into adolescence. The undulating moments of youth echoes the deep voice of lost innocence and love but then why cant we hear it? Why cant we be the same? Don't you think that the world then was beautiful and more meaningful? But then what changed us?

Gone are the childhood days but then gone is the beauty of life too.