Monday, 9 May 2011

Stop Brutal Killing of Girl Child in India

Every now and then we hear of girl infanticide, female feticide, and son idolization. Sadly, these discriminatory practices in India have overshadowed the biological advantages of being a girl. We often tend to forget that biologically and emotionally girls are stronger and powerful than boys. With every death of a girl child the boy to girl ratio in India is decreasing which in long run will certainly take a toll on human life.

Technology has advanced after liberalization and globalization but in no way it has helped to give the freedom of life to girls. Indian ethos witnesses a number of girl infanticide and sadly the same continues even today despite of all the social, economic, and technological advancements. In reality, the soaring advancements in technologies have given birth to a number of innovative technologies like biopsy, amniocentesis, and ultrasound. The purpose for which these were introduced is of no value in the present day as these techniques have become an important medium of brutally killing girl child in India as well as in other countries of the world.

Further to that recent improvements in science like IVF have given infertile couples an opportunity to choose the gender of their child. Obviously, more than 80% of the couples in the country are choosing to have a baby boy. Science is turning out to be a curse for the Indian society. As and when there are some improvements in science or technology, it is taking a toll on girl’s life.

Today situation in India is quite similar to the situation of South Korea in the year 1980. During that period of time in South Korea, it was difficult for families to find a perfect wife for their sons. The main reason was the declining men to women ratio due to which every man was unable to tie the wedding knot. The fight for getting a bride in the family had become a high level competition. At a stage when a mother is pregnant people there used to exaggerate about the qualities of their sons so that if the mother gets a girl child, the son’s family books her very much in advance. Sadly, the same is happening in India but the difference lies in the time span. Time is not far away when the number of girls in India will become half or even lesser when compared to boys.

If this brutal killing of girl child in India continues then soon a day will come when life will come to an end because if there will be no womb how will a life survive? Think wisely and ponder sensibly….stop the brutal killing of girls.

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