Thursday, 26 May 2011

Dowry System in India

Dowry system in India is a huge social problem in India that has been a significant cause of great disturbance in our society. Historically, it started as a cultural belief of honoring the bride groom or offering a token of love and gratitude but the meaning and the concept have sadly changed over a period of time. The old belief has become a major cause of women harassment in India.

However, it is considered to be a bad practice and also has legal enforcements but then too it has become an unspoken requirement that has to be fulfilled by the bride’s parents. It’s distressing to know that the family of the bridegroom fails to understand that they are gifting their most precious possession. It’s not at all easy for parents to bind her daughter in marriage but bounded by the cultural beliefs they are forced to do so. They bring her up from tiny steps to a complete stage of womanhood imparting all virtues and qualities in her. Whatever she is and all that she beholds in terms of talents, virtues, qualities, and characteristic are all treasured gifts to the family of the bridegroom. Then too…the greed is there. Why the hidden gifts are always ignored?

A bride when steps into her new world accept a new family with open arms. She works day and night to serve them and fulfill all their expectations. She is an epitome of selfless love and care who beholds the power to beautify her home with an excellent aura. But the greed of monetary things is so bright that everything else becomes invisible and insignificant.

Sadly, the trend of dowry system in India that started long back is continuing and is sure to continue for years ahead. Because the greed is always on climbing up the wall and is never going to fall anywhere.

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  1. Actual problem is not dowry system in India, actual problem is that when someone was poor then he was not in the favor of dowry because he was helpless to demand dowry to bride's parents for his son but when his son become an engineer or in any govt. service in that situation that person forget his ideals of protestation of dowry because now he is in power and anybody can offer his son a good dowry. Everybody is like this person in spite of only single person amongst lakes in India.

  2. The law has declared that dowry as illegal, but still people continue this practice.