Monday, 15 December 2014

Friends are a Blessing in Disguise

Today I really feel like asking you all, 'Who is your best friend?' Can you peep into your heart and name just a few who can truly be called friends....think wisely.

As I turn back to look at life behind me I was shocked to see the way world has changed. There were times when friendship was of utmost important to people. The era of Krishna and Sudama is just one real life example of true, selfless, and unconditional friendship. But now, where is that feeling of selflessness, that endless love for each other.

In the present day we really don't find friends who are so selfless and care unconditionally. There are friends till you have money, there are friends till you are useful, and there are friends till you can serve. After that do you remember anyone standing beside you when you actually need them? At a time when trials and tribulations hit hard on your life, people around you just move apart and change their way. There will be many friends loving you and caring for you when you enjoy life under the sun. Sadly the same friends and the same people move away when someday darkness surrounds you and sun fails to shine back the another day.

Now think and tell me do you really have any single friend who is with you and by your side in all ups and downs, one who smiles with you under the sun and then comforts you in darkness? Do you have one friend who moves an extra step to support you in pain and walks with you steadily on all terrains? If yes, then you are lucky my me. Treasure that friend forever because there is no special gift than having a selfless friend.

And for those who feel they don't have any such friend then I tell you one top secret...there is one thing in this present day world that if becomes your best friend, you'll be the richest person. You'll have the joys of two worlds and you'll be on top. And that one thing is 'Money'.

Yes, my friend money can give you everything but only in the present era....At a later stage compare your life with those who have the treasure of special friends.........They'll be the happiest, richest, and the most joyful people on earth.

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