Monday, 15 December 2014

The Incredible Story of My Friend – My Angel

We all talk about friendship and friends but do we exactly know what friendship is, what friends are? Does anyone know the hidden meaning behind the term ‘Friendship’? Has anyone ever explored the depths of a friend’s heart? If yes, only then we can happily sustain and live this eternal relationship.

As for me, my friend is my angel, someone who makes my life meaningful and colourful. In his own imaginative ways he spreads love and radiance to my life. As he walks in the open doors of my life, all the ill spirit starts moving out the door. With this, all the darkness disappears, making my days full of life and my life full of light.

By light I just don’t refer to his glowing face or an aura surrounding his face but to the real radiance that comes from within. As I explore the depth of his heart I get to know him better and I find the world within. Pack of values and virtues fill his heart with traces of love, concern, kindness, humanity, generosity, compassion, and courage.  His heart looks like a canvas with a beautiful picture that portrays an angelic being. And the best part is that to discover the depth of his heart you don’t need to take a ride within but just a peep into his eyes that is always sparkling with love.

When the bright sun burns me he becomes a tree to protect me from the burning sensation, during the chilling winter morning he keeps me closer to the warm light of his heart, in despair he becomes my hope, in sorrow he becomes my smile, and in joy he becomes my companion. He masters an art of transforming ordinary days to extraordinary days and knows the magic to convert tears to smiles. In all forms in all ways he makes my life magnificent.

That’s what my friend is, my beautiful angel!!! And yours?

Do you really think they are with you in all the walks of life? Do they stand beside you even in the thundering storm? Or they walk out when the entire world walks out? You have your answers, so ask yourself and then decide who your friend is…

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