Monday, 15 December 2014

From the Heart of a Girl Child

Can you hear the voice of a young girl sweating with blood and flooding in tears? With tears in her eyes, pain in her heart, and plead in her words, her heart is just singing one slogan of life, “ Please Let Me Live”.

Is it really difficult for the world to grant me this one quest of life? From the womb of my mother, I can feel the beautiful world, the magnificent landscapes, golden deserts, flowing waters, and numerous panoramic views. From there within I can feel the virtual touch of my parents, my family, and my friends. From the wraps of a mother’s womb, I want to come out to see the beautiful world, feel magic in my mother’s arms, feel at bliss walking the first step holding my dad’s finger, and enjoy the splendid world of friends and relatives showering love and concern. Is this something beyond life that I can’t get? Or is it something that I don’t deserve? Are my expectations too much for you all that you can’t surrender and grant me the freedom to live my desire?

If not, then why are you killing me? Please let me live my life like my brother and my other siblings are living. Allow me to take a fresh breath in the world and march ahead to experience the ups and downs of all phases of life. Hurdles are certainly a part of life and I don’t deny facing them as I know that I hold the strength and endurance to overcome them. But to fight these I need to live, I need to experience the truth of life, and I need to fight courageously. Without even giving me one chance to prove myself, don’t say, ‘I am weak’, don’t say, ‘I can’t fight’ and please never say, ‘I can’t live’.

Inner voice of every girl child today is singing just one chorus, ‘I may not be beautiful in appearance but I am beautiful from within. Please don’t kill me and grant me the freedom to live’.

It’s time to wake up my friends and listen to the chores of a girl child. We should certainly take measures to stop girl infanticide, female feticide as well as grant all girls a beautiful world to live and enjoy.

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