Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Human Values Going into Oblivion – It’s Time to Wake Up!!!

Humanity, Love, Generosity, Forgiveness, Empathy, Honesty, Friendliness, Charity, Humbleness and Innocence!!! In reality if I say these are mere words suppressed between the pages of a dictionary. Yes, these are human values that are list amidst the fast flowing economic energy with the advancing technology and increasing means of attaining a luxurious livelihood.

Sit back for a while, close your eyes and peep within your soul, you’ll find illusory sensual pleasures dancing in a graveyard of dead relationships. Squeeze some time out of your busy routine and look around you, all you’ll see is robbery, bomb blast, murder, rape, domestic violence and what not. It’s shameful; absolutely outrageous. The guiding principles of social conduct, norms of moral philosophy and rules of behavior that is supposed to create the human race are fading. With this, attributes like hatred, greed and violence are blanketing the universe and darkening the era of so-called technological world.  The malaise is known to be the fastest growing virus on its way to destroy the core of human values, the soul of humanity.

Someone has to wake up and restrict the path of this spreading virus. Someone has to make man understand that he is running on a reckless path chasing momentary pleasures, and that too at the cost of their own happiness. Someone has to give a spark so that atleast a few can join the cause and save humanity from going to extinction.

I agree monetary gains are the needs of every individual but the same can always be attained whilst retaining the core values and virtues. Why to let go off lasting joys and beautiful smiles when we can live with it whilst earning a luxurious livelihood.

Its not that virtues have completely gone out of the civilization. There are people who still value these ethics and continue climbing the ladder of success with their concern about humanity. These are the ones who are known to infused with virtues and ethics, these are the ones who hold the responsibility to remove the dark blanket covering the universe. Trust me, even you and I can join the noble cause. Trust me it’s not at all difficult to be good, all we need to be is a human and that’s what we are.

Wake up my friends; it’s time to wake up! 

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