Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Relationship Matters More than Dollar

 People have often put money above than the relationships. But then, they have been proved wrong and for all the coming times, they will be proved wrong. No matter how rich you are, no dollar can suffice against a mother’s kiss, father’s advice, a sister’s hug, spouse’s love and children’s happiness.

When asked about hoarding the money, a man gives a simple explanation “I am working day and night for my family and when it will be enough, I shall spend all on them”. Unfortunately that ‘enough’ never becomes sufficient and if at some time it does, there remains no family to spend it on.
People forget that less money can still make for a comfortable living but having no friends, no relationships makes life miserable. In the race of getting ahead, procuring materialistic luxuries, families are left behind and when the realization dawns upon, there is none but loneliness.

The world has become so busy that nobody has time to sit together and eat supper with their families, no one has time to watch their kid’s first walk, nobody talks about love and care these days. If only, relationships are valued more than money, there will be paradise on earth only.

I agree dollars do rule your life in the present day world but all one should know is how to balance the flow in and out. I would rather pay all my dollars just to see one smile on the face of someone I love, to let that special person stay in my life forever, and to be with the person through life's path....The understanding of where to pay your dollars is ...Life beyond Dollars.

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