Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Life after Death

Many people for thousands of years have believed in the existence of soul, which being immortal and eternal escapes a body after death – afterlife. Also, there’s a belief that such cycles of birth and death continue till finally submerging into the ultimate truth of reality- God.

Although there are no established experiments or facts to prove the theory, our scriptures state otherwise. All the mythological writings and sacred places are filled with instances of the presence of the soul which governs our life even after death. The soul is what makes the living worth and what brings a purpose to life.

These writings also state that a person has to bear the fruits of his actions, even if he has to pay after death and the events that happen to us in our current birth are the consequences of the ‘Karma’ in the previous birth. Also, there comes the concept of heaven and hell with it.

 Scientists call such beliefs irrational and illogical but when it comes to the faith of the people, it is unsuppressible. They believe in God and the ‘Karmic’ energy of the universe which is the key to their living. Thus even after no proof, such beliefs will keep on holding up, laying the foundations of our cultures and values.

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