Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Female Infanticide

Females have been looked with a dogma of burden and hindrance not only in our nation but many other parts of the world.  Apart from denying the basic human rights, women have been forbidden to even live. Recent reports to UNICEF suggests, more than 50 million women in India are absent, owing to heinous crimes and discrimination against them.

Female infanticide, the deliberate killing of the girl infant soon after birth or after some time is one such shameful blot on our society. Females are slaughtered for a variety of reasons. They are killed in lieu of economic troubles they will bring in the form of dowry when they are married off. Raising a daughter is often considered a more difficult job, with her being the “izzat” of the family. But such offences are not only confined to the poor families, other socio-cultural norms also contribute to it. Male child is always given preference in almost all the cultures and beliefs. To carry on the family line, everyone expects a boy in their home.

Now the question arises, if such crimes keep taking place at the same pace, what would be the consequences?  Only when the number of girls will get so low that it would put the whole existence of humanity in jeopardy, the society and its deranged people will realize the truth.

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